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Brown belt test

Congratulations to Matt and Mason for their successful belt test.

Congratulations to 4 new black belts

Yesterday, 4 1. kyu student from Seirei Kan of Shihan Marty succeeded in their test to Shodan (1. st black belt). Congratulations. Pictures from the test:

Successful test to 8th kyu

Arianna and Mike passed today their test to 8th kyu. Some more pictures:

Successful Shodan (black belt) test

Congratulations to Rick, Pratham, Alexis, Rohan and Prem for achieving their 1st Dan (Shodan). Here the picture gallery:

April Kyu test

Congratulations to todays successful kyu students  Thaman, Mike and Arianna for reaching their next kyu. More pictures from the test:

March Kyu test

Congratulations to Luis, Adriana and Dev for their successful key test.