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Great success at Master Dark’s birthday tournament

Congratulations to Reagan and Jake who achieved first places at Master Dark’s birthday tournament. Reagan won first place in empty hands and weapons kata, Jake in empty hands and weapons kata and additionally in...

German guests achieved their 10th kyu

Congratulations to Pascal and Sebastian, Andreas’ nephews, who were awarded 10th kyu after two week intense training and quickly learning 5 katas.

Annual seminar in West Virginia

Shihan Bill, Sensei Jim, Sensei Bon and Andreas made a trip to West Virginia 7/19-7/21 to participate in Hanshi Mario’s annual seminar. Some impressions:  

Kyu test on 7/11

Congratulations to 8 students who sucessfully passed their test for their next belt. Some impressions from the test:

Brown belt test

Congratulations to Matt and Mason for their successful belt test.