Successful test to 7th kyu

Congratulations to King to his succesful test to 7th kyu. Some impressions from the test:

Successful Shodan (black belt) test

Congratulations to Rick, Pratham, Alexis, Rohan and Prem for achieving their 1st Dan (Shodan). Here the picture gallery:

April Kyu test

Congratulations to todays successful kyu students  Thaman, Mike and Arianna for reaching their next kyu. More pictures from the test:

March Kyu test

Congratulations to Luis, Adriana and Dev for their successful key test.

Annual Zanshinkan seminar

Today from 9 till 5 the annual Zanshinkan seminar took place. Hanshi Lenny Jordan, Shihan Bill, Shihan Marty, Shihan Scott, Shihan Brice and Shihan Johnny teached different aspects of Karate and about 30 students...

Kyu test in February

Congratulations to Dhruv, Mason, Marjaan, King, Jaiman and Nathanial for their successful test to their next kyu.