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2009 Salem Budo Seminar

The Budo seminar held at the Sei Rei Kan Salem dojo was a huge success!  Hanshi James Herndon taught a classroom session covering the history of our style and budo psychology.  The lecture was highly informative and all participants learned a great deal.  The afternoon training focused on in-depth instruction on Tomari Bassai kata, provided by Hanshi James Herndon, with the assistance of Renshi Lenny Jordan, Shihan Mario Nozzarella, Shihan Tim Thompson, Shihan Marty Nozzarella, Shihan Brice VanAusdal, Shihan Bill Giessuebel, Sensei Ritchie DeStefano, Sempai Ricky Giessuebel and Sempai James O'Hara.  Thank you to Hanshi Herndon and all those who assisted for this wonderful day of Karate history and training. Special thanks to Renshi Lenny Jordan for organizing the seminar, Shihan Marty Nozzarella for hosting the event and Alexis Giessuebel for taking pictures and video.


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