Who is Zanshinkan Karate?

Zanshinkan Karate is located in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake, VA 23320, 920 Ventures Way, Suite 3. Karate is a martial art developed in Okinawa, Japan. We are members of the Kyoshin Kai Budo...

March Kyu test

Congratulations to Luis, Adriana and Dev for their successful key test.

Annual Zanshinkan seminar

Today from 9 till 5 the annual Zanshinkan seminar took place. Hanshi Lenny Jordan, Shihan Bill, Shihan Marty, Shihan Scott, Shihan Brice and Shihan Johnny teached different aspects of Karate and about 30 students...

Kyu test in February

Congratulations to Dhruv, Mason, Marjaan, King, Jaiman and Nathanial for their successful test to their next kyu.

Dhruv and Matt tested for their next belt

Congratulations to Dhruv (yellow) and Matt (brown with stripe) for their sucessful test for their next belt. Here are pictures from test:

Kids tested sucessfully for their next belt/stripe

Congratulations to Thaman (orange belt), Jake (brown belt), Reagan (brown belt with stripe) and others for their next belt/stripe. Here are pictures from the test

Sensei Scott’s Seminar and Dan test for Bill

Today, we spent the day with a three hour seminar, Shihan Bill, Shihan Scott and Shihan Marti teaching. After the seminar, Bill from Shihan Scott’s dojo sucessfully tested for Shodan. Also Sensei Jim from...