Virtual class videos

As our dojo is temporarily closed due to the Corona Virus situation, we have created  a set of videos so you can train at home and continue your progress. The basics videos are a warm-up, stretch and basic karate technique program, like what we normally do the first half of class.  Work these as a warmup before kata training, and before live virtual classes.

Kata videos  give students the chance to see Sensei Bill demonstrate the proper techniques, and perform the kata at full speed, then practice the kata multiple times. Demonstrations are also provided of the bunkai, or application, of the techniques, so students can understand what they are doing.  Follow along to the end of each video, following the instructions, and your skills and understanding will grow quickly!

One last word on the kata videos. They are not intended to be a replacement for live instruction in learning kata.  There is no substitute to a sensei teaching kata. These are designed to reinforce and train in techniques you have already been taught.  Please do not “train ahead” in kata you have not been taught in the dojo.


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