Working around Corona

As we are all aware, our community is dealing with the Corona Virus epidemic, which has lead to many problems and changes in our normal daily lives.  In response, our dojo was forced to close temporarily.

Unfortunately, we are a non-essential business and cannot reopen until the Governor gives us the green light. This has required us to come up with alternative methods to continue our training.

Simply stopping our  budo training for several months is not an acceptable solution. Skills and conditioning deteriorate quickly when they are not practiced regularly. To prevent this from happening to our students, we have come up with ways to continue our training and progress.

We have several methods to keep the students engaged and progressing.   We have started our virtual, live classes on  Zoom, every Tuesday and Thursday night, and black belt class Saturday morning.  Additionally, we are posting pre-recorded classes and kata lessons online for students to work on their own. The first videos are available on the Virtual Class page, and more are being added daily.  I have sent the access information via email. If you have not received my emails on our program, please contact me for more information.

I hope all of our students will take advantage of this opportunity to continue their karate training through this difficult time, and have some fun!

I am asking you to share any ideas and concerns you may have with me, to make this work out in the best possible way. I genuinely want to hear whatever you have to offer. Get creative!

Sensei Bill
Zanshinkan Karate